jan marini skin care

jan marini skin care

We have tried various product ranges over our 20 years of trading but nothing compares to Jan Marini. It gets results. It’s as simple as that. The development of all Jan Marini products include extensive research and clinical tests to prove that these products do the job they are supposed to. It is the only thing we all use at home and have many satisfied clients who say the same. If it’s good enough for the Duchess of Sussex then it’s good enough for us!!

Jan Marini products are sold through consultation with selected therapists and medical personnel. Jan Marini have chosen euphoria as their sole specialist in the area.


Looking older is a concern for everyone. No matter what our age or gender we all want to have youthful, radiant, clear skin. The face is the first to be affected by visible signs of ageing. the effects of time, sun exposure, stress, poor diet and tobacco are quickly seen on the skin. The complexion is dulled and uneven, the cheeks and eyelids begin to droop and wrinkles begin to appear.

All of our facials address the signs of ageing but some are specifically targeted to the more mature client. For those clients we recommend the luminate facial or for an extra boost the glycolic and light therapy facial.

Difference seen after using Jan Marini products for 1 month


We also recommend CACI treatments which work on both muscle and skin tone to lift and contour creating a more youthful look.

header-bulletblemished skin

Blemishes can appear on the skin at any time. It’s a myth that ‘if you have spots and blackheads your skin must be greasy’. Even dry skins can have breakouts, particularly if there is a hormone inbalance.

Most of our facials include a deep cleansing stage to help decongest the pores and lift out impurities and, at home, the Jan Marini 5 step Skin Care Management System can produce impressive results.

Many of our clients try Jan Marini after years of switching from product range to product range, some even seeking medical advice and the general consensus is that Jan Marini gives results they would have never thought possible.

We always recommend those clients with persistent blemishes follow a course of Glycolic Peels – you will be amazed at the difference it makes, particularly if you combine it with blue light therapy.

header-bulletpigmentation problems

Hyper-pigmentation can occur at any time and is usually due to excessive sun exposure or is influenced by our hormones – eg pregnancy, the contraceptive pill or the menopause. In the past it has been almost impossible to treat without medical intervention. Through extensive research and development Jan Marini have developed Enlighten + which gives amazing results, particularly when combined with other products in the range and a course of glycolic peels.

This award winning cosmesceutical skin care range gives amazing results for those clients concerned with ageing skin, sun damaged, acne and irregular pigmentation.

copy-bulletSkincare Consultation30 mins£15.00
this includes a mini facial to demonstrate how you use the products at home and to show you how fantastic your skin feels with just one application. We will also give you advice regarding facials and glycolic peels.
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I have just been converted to the Jan Marini Skin Care range after using, and being a dedicated user of, Clarins Skin Care. Since using the Jan Marini products I have seen a very noticeable difference in my skin – it looks and feels fantastic and I would thoroughly recommend this product to everyone.


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