electrolysis and milia

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Electrolysis is the only proven method of permanent hair removal. The ‘apilus method’ uses the latest computer technology to provide an effective treatment for all types of hair growth. A consultation is necessary to assess your needs and allow you to experience how the treatment feels.

20 mins consultation
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milia removal

Milia are white, fatty lumps which are trapped underneath the top layers of skin and caused because sometimes skin cells don’t naturally exfoliate as they should. They are often the result of using the wrong type of home care products.

15 minutes£10.00
The various treatment methods will be discussed and a suggested treatment plan advised along with an indication of price.
Treatmentfrom £55.00
The milia are removed using either a disposable micro lance, to gently break the skin and lift out the milia, or a diathermy current to cauterise them. Size and number of milia usually determine which method is used. Fewer, slightly larger milia are usually removed with a micro lance. Multiple, smaller milia are usually cauterised.


I have had regular electrolysis and cannot fault the service. Very professional and quick. I am always happy with the results. Money well spent!


electrolysis euphoria beauty salon beeston


Over the years I have been to at least six different beauticians in London and the Midlands for electrolysis treatment. At last I have found somewhere where the treatment is highly skilled and leaves no marks. The advice I get is sensitive and practical, the environment is warm and welcoming. If only I had discovered euphoria earlier!



I didn’t really think that electrolysis would help with hair on my chin as much as it has. I used to have to pluck every day and the hairs were very coarse. Electrolysis has helped to dramatically reduce the hair growth. Hairs are now very fine and I don’t need to pluck at all. I should have done this sooner as it has relieved me of a lot of feeling so self-conscious. Worth it!