Reflexology is based on the theory that the human body has its own internal energy lines which may become imbalanced resulting in ill health. Stimulation of reflexology points on the feet which relate to the different parts of the body, help to restore well-being and assist relaxation.

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initial treatment
60 mins£48.00
consecutive treatments
45 mins£43.50


Being new to reflexology I was delighted to find what a wonderful treatment this is! An extremely relaxing atmosphere and I was amazed at what the therapist could detect was going on in my body. Definitely a whole body treatment you don’t have to get undressed for. Highly recommended.

thermo auricular therapy

thermo auricular therapy
45 mins£31.00
A treatment using 'ear candles' containing therapeutic herbs to help regulate sinusitis, rhinitis, migraine and headache.

body treatments

exfoliation and moisturise
30 mins£35.50
An excellent treatment pre- and post-holiday.
enzyme back treatment
30 mins£38.50
A facial for the back, using enzymes to aid the removal of congestion.