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CACI is the original non-surgical face lift as used by Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Emma Stone and Rochelle Humes, to name but a few.

This treatment was originally established in the medical field treating those patients whose facial muscles had ‘dropped’ due to a stroke or Bell’s Palsy. It was developed as an anti-ageing treatment over 25 years ago with many people benefitting from its results.

euphoria is an approved CACI and CACI Ultimate salon.

CACI was developed as an anti-ageing treatment over 25 years ago and was the very first of many ‘non surgical face lift’ machines which were introduced into the UK and, in our opinion, is still the VERY best! An explosion of lots of ‘quick fix’ anti-ageing treatments followed, most of which quickly disappeared from the market as they failed to work leaving those tried and tested methods to secure their place on many treatment menus nationwide.

Please watch the video below you would lie to find out more about CACI treatments.

header-bulletCACI ultimate

Our first CACI machine proved to be so popular that we quickly purchased a second! This allows us to not only perform two treatments at the same time but to use the different “elements” of the machine to enhance our facial mankind them bespoke to individual client needs.

copy-bulletCACI60 minutes£52.00
The original CACI treatment uses a very tiny “micro current" to re-educate and firm muscles, lifting and toning the contours of the face, bringing back a youthful look. A course of 12 treatments is needed with 3 treatments every week over a 4 week period. Regular maintenance sessions are needed to ensure the results are long lasting.
copy-bulletCACI ultimate£84.50

header-bulletjowl lift

copy-bulletjowl lift30 mins£22.50
This treatment was developed for those clients who are particularly concerned with the lower part of their face and is a much more powerful treatment than the regular CACI.
copy-bulletregular CACI & jowl lift combination75 mins£60.00
The ultimate treatment combining both of the above.
(when added to a CACI treatment)
The microdermabrasion element of the CACI machine can be used once a week prior to your treatment aiding the removal of dead skin cells so that the microcurrent is able to penetrate more effectively.
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