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Unique facials for unique faces. Each one of us is unique with individual needs and concerns. Your skin care routine should be equally unique, designed just for you. We have chosen Jan Marini as our primary skin care range as we have seen fantastic results with acne, sun damage, pigmentation and ageing skin.

Some of you may want to relax and enjoy facials now and again. Some of you may decide to use our vast knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect home care routine, others may wish to have a combination of both. Please CLICK HERE to see the fantastic results you can achieve by using Jan Marini as your designated homecare.

Whatever your facials requirements, we are here to help.

Experience has shown that standard facials may not suit the needs of everyone. With this in mind we have decided to offer a bespoke facial service so now, no matter what your concerns, we have the tools to create the perfect treatment for you. See the list below and telephone our friendly reception team on 0115 922 0304 to create yours.

We are a recommend CACI salon and are able to offer their award winning advanced anti ageing treatments. CLICK HERE to view our CACI page.

View the Jan Marini page for fantastic before and after photographs and the glycolic peel page for information regarding advanced treatments.

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30 mins£33.50
Our radiance facial is a 30 minute treatment to deep cleanse your skin leaving it feeling super soft with a lovely radiant glow.
45 mins£44.25
The enzymes Jan Marini select for use in this deep cleansing facial have been scientifically proven to digest dead or diseased skin cells giving an immediate improvement in skin texture and clarity.
45 mins£48.95
The mask used in this facial gives instant results. It contains collagen, peptides, hydrators and much, much, more. You will be so delighted with the results that you will probably book your next appointment before leaving the salon! As an added bonus we give you the mask to take home so that your skin can continue to benefit from the powerful ingredients.
60 mins£59.95
Luminate is the latest facial from Jan Marini and has been designed to compliment the Luminate range which targets pigmentation problems, fine lines and wrinkles and leaves the skin radiant and luminous.
60 mins£59.95
The Jan Marini facial for those concerned with ageing. It addresses sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, coarse texture and uneven skin tone. It incorporates new concepts which have been developed by Jan Marini to provide dramatic and immediate skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.
The results of this facial are nearly as good as those gained from a glycolic peel but without the need to prepare the skin with specialist products beforehand.

*All of these facials include a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage.

advanced facials

The advanced technology used in these facials guarantees fantastic results.

30 mins£32.50
Provides intensive skin hydration, firms, energises and gives the skin a wonderful radiance. An excellent value facial for those with a busy lifestyle.
hydratone and microdermabrasion
30 mins£36.95
Microdermabrasion is used prior to the hydratone facial to remove dead skin cells and allow an improved penetration of the mask.
euphoria signature
45 mins£49.50
We decided to design our own signature facial and this is what we developed. We feel it includes the most effective 'elements' of all of our other facials put together and is perfect for the client who wants to relax, deep cleanse and hydrate without having any particular concerns. It includes microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, a massage using the same enzymes as in our enzyme facial and the hydratone mask from the hydratone facial. It also includes the complementary 7 day home care product. An excellent value pampering treatment.
light therapy30 mins£30.00
We have selected a light therapy mask which delivers red and blue light and a combination of both. Blue light kills the bacteria which cause acne, calms irritation and has an analgesic effect on the skin. Red light is anti ageing, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin thus firming the skin and minimising wrinkles. A course of 12 treatments taken over 6 weeks is advised for optimum results.
glycolic peel & light therapy60 mins£63.75
Fantastic results are achieved by combining a glycolic peel with light therapy.
This facial has it all and, depending on the choice of either blue or red light, can suit absolutely every skin type.

bespoke treatments

Create your bespoke treatment by including any of the below in your facial.
If you would like some help and guidance please do not hesitate to contact our friendly reception team on 0115 922 0304.
microdermabrasion£10.00 (extra)
Results are visible after just one treatment. By removing the superficial layer of skin the complexion is left clearer, smoother and more youthful looking.
light therapy£15.00 (extra)
Red light is used to rejuvenate the skin and blue light helps to calm blemished and acne skins.
Hydropeptide eye mask£5.50 (extra)
Notice an instant visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Continue to see the benefits by taking the mask home and using twice more over the next 7 days.
mini back massage£12.50 (extra)
Spoil yourself by including a relaxing mini back massage with your facial.


CACI Jowl Lift facials
jowl lift20 mins£24.00
The jowl lifting treatment is a new innovation from CACI. It uses their tried and tested method to lift and tone the jaw area. We have tested the treatment and have had numerous fantastic results. It works especially well with the Jan Marini Skincare Management programme and in particular with the new radiance facial.