Why not take some time out and relax in one of our candle lit treatment rooms, listening to soft, soothing music while one of our experienced therapists relax, rejuvenate and rebalance your mind, body and soul?

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Through an in-depth consultation, essential oils are individually selected for each client and applied to the body and face using the original ‘aromatherapy massage’ routine which was devised by Madame Margeurite Maury in the early part of the twentieth century.

initial treatment
90 mins£59.75
consecutive treatments
75 mins£56.75

pre-blended oils

A gentle massage to the body and face using lymphatic drainage techniques and pressure points. Choose from the following blends:

75 mins£52.75
frankincense - calms the mind and is often used in meditation
ylang ylang - slows down and regulates breathing
helichrysum - stress relieving
clary sage - a powerful relaxant
75 mins£52.75
bergamot - uplifting
geranium - balancing and an antidepressant
melissa - calming but uplifting
patchouli - calming
pre-menstrual tension
75 mins£52.75
rosemary - fluid retention
pettit grain - helps irritability
lavender - headaches
chamomile - nausea
muscular aches and pains
75 mins£52.75
marjoram - warming, increases circulation and the removal of toxins from the muscles
rosemary - relieves aches and pains in stiff, overworked muscles
clary sage - a powerful relaxant
black pepper - warming, muscular stiffness
chamomile - anti-inflammatory, good for swelling


A real treat! So relaxing and has lovely long-term effects (and you still feel chilled out the next day). Good for tensions of all sorts – either in the body or emotionally and oils can be matched here carefully to meet your needs on the day. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – do try it.close-quote