Why not take some time out and relax in one of our candle lit treatment rooms, listening to soft, soothing music while one of our experienced therapists relax, rejuvenate and rebalance your mind, body and soul?

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head massage


back massage
30 mins£32.00
face, shoulder and scalp massage
30 mins£32.00
scalp massage
15 mins£8.75
full body massage
60 mins£52.00
time out
60 mins£53.75
This includes face, scalp, shoulder and back massage and is one of our most popular relaxing treatments.

Why not enhance your massage? Include any of the following to make it extra special . . .

A selection of lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, & geranium essential oils mixed with warm almond oil to relieve aches, pains, tension and anxiety.

Full body£3.00 extra
Back£2.50 extra

Prior to your massage experience a mandarin scrub which gently, but very effectively, removes dull, dead skin cells leaving your skin silky soft and glowing.

Full body£6.00 extra
Back£4.50 extra
specialised deep tissue back, neck & shoulder massage
30 mins£33.50
with Mat Edwards - Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

What is the most relaxing of the body treatments?

Time out is a great de-stressing treatment as it works on the face, scalp, shoulders and back. We work on the scalp with or without oil and the face and neck are massaged using a product from the Jan Marini skin care range which very gently, but effectively, removes dead skin cells and bacteria from the skin. You not only feel relaxed and rejuvenated but have a radiant complexion as well.


A wonderful back and shoulder massage. Felt completely relaxed and de-stressed afterwards. A thoroughly gorgeous experience!



Am writing this as I try to come round from a relaxing yet stimulating scalp and back massage. The atmosphere in the room created a sense of calm straight away which meant I felt relaxed before my massage began. Lovely warm hands aided my relaxation! Not having anyone talking at you was a real treat!! THANK YOU!!


stone therapy

total stones
Warm stones are used for a pampering, luxurious treatment of the body, scalp and face.
stone therapy back treatment
The use of hot stones enables us to create a cocoon of warmth to make our euphoria massage technique more effective.