mum to be

Pregnancy brings many changes to your body, you may have mood swings, tender breasts or greasier hair even before you realise you are expecting.

As your pregnancy progresses ligaments and tendons begin to relax and stretch and you may experience aches and pains, especially in your back, pelvis and legs. Some women find they have water retention around the lower legs, feet and ankles and, of course, as the baby grows the skin on your abdomen stretches. You may find there are changes to your skin and you may experience out of character dryness or blemishes. You may also find hairs appearing in areas which before your pregnancy were hair free . . . all of these changes, whilst somewhat alarming, are perfectly normal and are usually temporary.

Both you, as an expectant mother, and your unborn baby will benefit from our carefully chosen treatments. We have taken your comfort into consideration, using cushions for support and included extra time for your appointment so that you can relax and enjoy the pampering session.

Please be assured those therapists carrying out the mum to be treatments have many years of experience and have completed specialised pre and post natal training. They will adapt their massage movements to suit your individual needs using grape seed oil as the massage medium without the addition of any essential oils.

All specialised massage treatments for the mum to be are available from the 2nd trimester onwards. Facials and pedicure treatments are available throughout your pregnancy.


mum to be

sheer bliss
60 mins£63.00
A wonderful experience which begins with a soothing hot towel foot rub, moves onto a relaxing leg and scalp massage and finishes with a back massage. At all times the therapist will ensure you are relaxed and comfortable and will be supporting your ‘bump’ with pillows and supports.
Available from the 2nd trimester onwards.
lighter legs
30 mins£36.75
Perfect for those suffering from swollen legs, helping with fluid retention in puffy, sore or swollen ankles and legs. The treatment is carried out with you lying on the treatment couch with your positioning and the massage movements adapted especially for the mum to be.
*this treatment may be added to any of our pedicure services here so not only will your legs, ankles and feet feel wonderful, your toes will look fabulous too
Available from the 1st week of your pregnancy.
pregnancy back massage
45 mins£39.50
Our specialist pre natal massage therapists will adapt and tailor the back massage to especially suit your needs. Additional time is included in your appointment so that you don’t have to rush to get on or off of the couch. Again, pillows and supports are used for your, and your baby’s comfort.
Available from the 2nd trimester onwards.
relaxing and revitalising facial
60 mins£54.00
We have developed this facial especially to address any changes you may be experiencing with your skin. Every pregnancy is different, as is every skin’s reaction to the pregnancy. Our expert therapists will chat to you about your concerns and design a bespoke facial especially for you.
Available from the 1st week of your pregnancy.
perfect pamper
3 hours£137.50
The perfect pamper to spoil the mum to be. Your treat begins with a hot towel rub to your feet and hands. Specially adapted massage techniques to your back, abdomen and limbs plus bespoke facial follow. A mini manicure, mini pedicure and a brow tidy complete your pampering, leaving you refreshed, revitalised and relaxed.

euphoria gift vouchers are the perfect present for the mum to be. They can be purchased online here, in person from our reception desk or over the telephone by calling 0115 922 0304.

post natal

We often find that most new mums are very short of time so below are some suggestions of treatments we think you may like. However, if you are in need of some serious pampering then you will find some additional suggestions at the bottom of the page.

30 minutes massage
30 mins£37.50
Post pregnancy you may experience drier than usual skin, be concerned about stretch marks and would like to improve your skin’s elasticity. Experience 30 minutes of specialist massage to any area, or combination of areas, of the body.
- back
- legs
- abdomen
- scalp
- face.
Please see HERE for our other massage treatments.
balancing facial
30 mins£37.50
Many new mums find their skin has changed, resulting in unusual break outs or areas of dry skin. This is because of the hormonal changes your body is going through.
Our rebalancing facial uses enzymes to ease congestion and help re-balance the skin. All products used are suitable for the nursing mother.
feet treat
30 mins£19.50
30 minutes of treats for you feet. You can experience our usual mini pedicure which consists of a file and polish to your toe nails plus an application of moisturising foot balm or you can use the time to have hard skin removal, exfoliation and a soothing foot… or a combination of anything else foot related which fits into the 30 minute slot. The treatment can be extended to include a gel polish to your toes (an extra 20 minutes / £21.00).
Please contact our reception team on 0115 922 0304 if you would like some advice.

post natal pamper

Here are some combinations of treatments you might like if you’re able to take some time out to pamper yourself.

me time*
2.5 hours£118.00
Facial, 45 minute massage, mini pedi, brow shape, lash & brow tint.
super me time*
3 hours£139.00
Time out, extended pedi, mini mani, brow shape & tint, lash tint.

There are many more combinations of treatments you can have . . . the sky’s the limit . . . please contact our reception team on 0115 922 0304 to discuss your options.

*these treatments need a skin test prior to your appointment, please contact reception on 0115 9220394 to discuss the time frame.