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Make the most of your eyes with our comprehensive range of eye treatments. After all, your eyes are the window to your soul.

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Eye treatments
brow shape
from £9.95
The brows may be waxed with either Lycon or warm wax or, if you prefer, just tweezed.
brow tint*15 mins£9.95
lash tint*30 mins£18.25
lash and brow tint*45 mins£23.50
brow shape and tint*30 mins£18.50
LVL lash lift (to include lash tint)*60 mins£48.00
Most people have lashes which are straight or are angled down. A lash lift 'lifts' the lashes making them much more noticeable thus giving you instant longer lashes!
London lash lift (to include a tint)*45 mins£48.00
A treatment which creates the same look as the LVL but contains powerful plant based growth enhancers which are locked into the hair shaft during the treatment making them up to 80% more effective than topical serums.

Treatments for the delicate eye area to address fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles can be found on our facial page. Please CLICK HERE for more information or contact our friendly reception team on 0115 922 0304.

LVL lash lift
LVL lash lift

eye lash extensions


A single lash extension is very carefully applied to one of your isolated natural lashes creating length and fullness. A mini version is available for those who require a more subtle, natural look.

classic lash extensions
classic mini60 mins£45.00
classic full set120 mins£60.00
classic 2 week infills60 mins£35.00
classic 3 week infills90 mins£49.00


A mixture of single classic eyelash extensions and russian fans give volume and length, resulting in a wispy, textured look.

hybrid lash extensions
hybrid full set120 mins£65.00
hybrid 2 week infills60 mins£38.00
hybrid 3 week infills90 mins£52.00


Made with light weight, fluffy handmade fans and can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual depending on the fullness required.

russian lash extensions
russian full set135 mins£70.00
russian 2 week infills75 mins£45.00
russian 3 week infills90 mins£55.00