holiday essentials

holiday essentials

We all want to look our best for a holiday whether it’s a skiing trip to the alps or a week relaxing on a tropical beach. Here are some suggestions of treatments you may wish to indulge in prior to your break.

header-bulletst tropez

Why wait until you return from your holiday to show off that tan? A St Tropez bronzing treatment prior to your holiday will give you the confidence to bare all on the beach and will gradually fade as you naturally tan in the sunshine.

copy-bulletfull body60 mins£39.55
copy-bulletlegs30 mins£19.80


Waxing will ensure that you are hair free for the duration of your vacation. We offer a variety of waxing services with either regular strip wax or Lycon waxing which is ideal for bikini line, under arms and faces.

copy-bulletbasic bikini£15.60
(removing any hairs outside the normal pant line)
copy-bulletextended bikini£19.20
(removing any hairs outside a high-cut pant line and from the top)
copy-bulletg string£26.90
(a small strip of hair is left)
(all hairs removed)
copy-bulletunder arm£15.00
copy-bulletlip and chin£16.90

header-bulleteye treatments

Make-up often feels uncomfortable in a hot climate and ‘panda eyes’ are never a good look.

We offer a number of different eye treatments which are great for holidays ranging from eyelash tinting to lash lifting or lash extensions.

copy-bulletbrow shapefrom £8.25
the brows may be waxed with either Lycon or warm wax or, if you prefer, just tweezed
copy-bulletlash tint*30 mins£15.40
copy-bulletbrow tint*15 mins£8.25
copy-bulletlash and brow tint*45 mins£20.30
copy-bulletbrow shape and tint*30 mins£15.35
copy-bulletlash lift*45 mins£40.65
most people have lashes which are straight or are angled down. A lash lift 'lifts' the lashes making them much more noticeable thus giving you instant longer lashes!
copy-bulletbrow straighten*30 mins£16.15
copy-bulletindividual lash extensions*45 mins£32.95
*a skin test is required 24 hours prior to treatment


A gel manicure such as Gel FX will last for around 2 weeks and is available in colour or a French look.

copy-bulletshape and polish30 mins£14.30
nails are re-shaped prior to an application of colour polish
copy-bulletnailtiques manicure45 mins£26.35
nails are re-shaped, cuticles tidied and the hands massaged prior to an application of colour polish
copy-bulletORLY GELFX manicure45 mins£28.00
the latest gel manicure system which gives a high shine, durable, chip free colour and can last for up to three weeks
copy-bulletfrench polish15 mins£8.00 (extra)
copy-bulletnail repair15 mins£10.75


If you are planning ahead and want to tone your body and lose a few pounds prior to your holiday then the CACI Quantum is for you. A course of 15 treatments are taken over a 5 week period. Most people drop a dress size and lose around 7lbs.

Please telephone 0115 922 0304 to discuss any individual requirements.

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