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euphoria eye treatments

Your eyes are the window to your soul. Make the most of them with our comprehensive range of eye treatments.

copy-bulletbrow shapefrom £8.25
the brows may be waxed with either Lycon or warm wax or, if you prefer, just tweezed
copy-bulletlash tint*30 mins£15.40
copy-bulletbrow tint*15 mins£8.25
copy-bulletlash and brow tint*45 mins£20.30
copy-bulletbrow shape and tint*30 mins£15.35
copy-bulletLVL lash lift (to include lash tint)*45 mins£45.00
most people have lashes which are straight or are angled down. A lash lift 'lifts' the lashes making them much more noticeable thus giving you instant longer lashes!
copy-bulletbrow straighten*30 mins£16.15
copy-bulletindividual lash extensions*45 mins£32.95
*a skin test is required 24 hours prior to treatment
copy-bulletCACI ultimate eye
using CACI technology to resurface the eye area, lift and tone the muscles and tighten and hydrate the skin. A course of 12 treatments is necessary to obtain results
course of 12 treatments3 per week£400.00
maintenance45 mins£39.55


Having electrolysis on my eyebrows has made a huge difference to my life! No more plucking every day is brilliant. Thank you.

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I’m going on holiday and don’t want to be bothered with mascara – what do you suggest?

It depends on the look you want and how high maintenance you want them to be. An eye lash tint will colour your lashes and often makes them look longer as the very end of the lashes are often fair and hard to see. A lash lift will make straight lashes look much longer and again requires no maintenance. Individual lash extensions can be as long and full as you like and with tender loving care can last around 2 weeks.

caci non-surgical solutions


The eyelash extensions look beautiful, very natural and easy to have done. I didn’t even cry a lot! I would 100% recommend. Thank you.