hands and feet

First impressions are important – banish bitten, uneven nails, ragged cuticles and dry, rough hands and feet forever.

We now offer a number of additional services with which you can enhance your basic manicure and pedicure treatments to create a bespoke treatment which perfectly suits your needs. Please see below for details or telephone our friendly reception team on 0115 922 0304 for advice.

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hand treatments

mini manicure
30 mins£15.75
The reshaping of your nails is followed by both an application of hand cream and colour polish. If your cuticles are overgrown you would benefit from our regular manicure.
45 mins£27.50
Nails are re-shaped, cuticles tidied and the hands massaged prior to the application of a conditioning and strengthening treatment. Your choice of colour polish completes the treatment.

Personalise your manicure to suit your needs by adding one or more of the below to your treatment.

heated mitts£4.00 (extra)
Perfect for soothing painful joints and helping the absorption of conditioning products especially when combined with the exfoliation and hand mask option.
exfoliation and hand mask£10.00 (extra)
Dull dead skin cells are exfoliated prior to an application of a nourishing hand mask and is accelerated by combining with the heated mitts.
glycolic peel£10.00 (extra)
Excellent for brightening and softening the skin and a ‘must have’ if your cuticles are stubborn and overgrown.
nail repair£11.50 (extra)
french polish£8.50 (extra)

foot treatments

mini pedi
30 mins£15.75
Nails are reshaped prior to an application of foot lotion and an application of colour polish completes the treatment.
45 mins£32.25
A relaxing herbal soak will remove surface dry skin and soften cuticles. The nails are then shaped, cuticles tidied and the feet and ankles massaged prior to an application of colour polish.
extended pedicure
60 mins£38.75
Our regular pedicure with the addition of hard skin removal followed by a rich exfoliator to smooth and condition the skin of the foot and lower leg.
gel pedicure45 mins£38.75
Toe nails are shaped, cuticles pushed back and trimmed and the feet are massaged with a hydrating lotion prior to an application of long-lasting gel polish.
heated booties & nourishing foot mask£8.00
Heated booties and a nourishing foot mask can be added to the above pedicures softening and hydrating the skin and giving relief to painful joints.
This cannot be taken as a stand alone treatment.
callus peel (stand-alone)
30 mins£25.00
A fantastic treatment to remove hard skin and soften the feet. Polish is not applied to the toe nails. The before and after images, below, speak for themselves!
callus peel with regular polish
45 mins£38.75
The callus peel treatment with the addition of regular nail polish to the toe nails.
callus peel with gel polish60 mins£42.50
The callus peel treatment with the addition of long-lasting gel polish to the toe nails.
Callus Peel before and after

Callus peel – before and after images – a treatment that really makes a difference.

nail enhancement

What is the difference between calgel & cuccio?
The very short answer to this is, not a lot. Calgel has always been the stronger of the two products but new developments by cuccio mean this isn’t so any longer. Both products are applied directly over the natural nail using slightly different techniques. Most of our clients prefer to have a new application at each visit but if you prefer to have infills then Calgel has to be your go-to product. Some clients will find Calgel lasts the longest on their nails while others will find the opposite, with cuccio being their favourite. We always find certain colours from either brand have more longevity. It’s advisable to have a chat with your therapist while looking at our extensive colour swatches.

If it’s nail extensions you’re looking for, then Calgel is your go to product.


colour/french60 mins£33.95
infills60 minsfrom £30.00
removal30 mins£16.75
(only £7.50 if having another set of nails applied)
extensions120 mins£44.25
(infills and removal as above)


colour/french45 mins£29.50
removal30 mins£16.75
(only £7.50 if having another set of nails applied)