Why not take some time out and relax in one of our candle lit treatment rooms, listening to soft, soothing music while one of our experienced therapists relax, rejuvenate and rebalance your mind, body and soul.

Did you know that you can add a back massage to some of our facials for only £12.50 . . . go on, spoil yourself!

Euphoria Beeston - body treatments


copy-bulletback massage30 mins£30.00
copy-bulletface, shoulder and scalp massage30 mins£30.00
copy-bulletscalp massage15 mins£7.50
copy-bulletfull body massage60 mins£49.00
copy-bullettime out60 mins£50.00
this includes face, scalp, shoulder and back massage and is one of our most popular relaxing treatments


A wonderful back and shoulder massage. Felt completely relaxed and de-stressed afterwards. A thoroughly gorgeous experience!


header-bulletstone therapy

copy-bullettotal stones£63.50
warm stones are used for a pampering, luxurious treatment of the body, scalp and face
copy-bulletstone therapy back treatment£32.00
the use of hot stones enables us to create a coccoon of warmth to make our euphoria massage technique more effective



Essential oils are individually selected for each client and applied to the body and face using the original ‘aromatherapy massage’ routine which was devised by Madame Margeurite Maury in the early part of the twentieth century.

copy-bulletinitial treatment90 mins£55.00
copy-bulletconsecutive treatments75 mins£51.75


A real treat! So relaxing and has lovely long-term effects (and you still feel chilled out the next day). Good for tensions of all sorts – either in the body or emotionally and oils can be matched here carefully to meet your needs on the day. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – do try it.close-quote


This treatment is based on the theory that the human body has its own internal energy lines which may become inbalanced resulting in ill health. Stimulation of reflexology points on the feet which relate to the different parts of the body, help to restore well-being and assist relaxation.

copy-bulletinitial treatment60 mins£44.00
copy-bulletconsecutive treatments45 mins£39.50


Being new to reflexology I was delighted to find what a wonderful treatment this is! An extremely relaxing atmosphere and I was amazed at what the therapist could detect was going on in my body. Definitely a whole body treatment you don’t have to get undressed for. Highly recommended.

header-bulletthermo auricular therapy

copy-bulletthermo auricular therapy45 mins£26.00
a treatment using 'ear candles' containing therapeutic herbs to help regulate sinusitis, rhinitis, migraine and headache

header-bulletbody treatments

copy-bulletexfoliation and moisturise30 mins£32.25
an excellent treatment pre- and post-holiday
body image euphoria beeston


Time out is a great de-stressing treatment as it works on the face, scalp, shoulders and back. We work on the scalp with or without oil and the face and neck are massaged using a product from the Jan Marini skin care range which very gently, but effectively, removes dead skin cells and bacteria from the skin. You not only feel relaxed and rejuvenated but have a radiant complexion as well.


Am writing this as I try to come round from a relaxing yet stimulating scalp and back massage. The atmosphere in the room created a sense of calm straight away which meant I felt relaxed before my massage began. Lovely warm hands aided my relaxation! Not having anyone talking at you was a real treat!! THANK YOU!!


My ears ‘pop’ and hurt when I travel by aeroplane. Is there anything that may help?

Thermo auricular therapy often helps clients who suffer with ear problems when flying. We recommend you have 2 treatments in the week leading up to your flight.

Help! I have a special occasion coming up and I can’t get into the outfit I had planned to wear!!

Most clients drop a dress size when having a course of CACI Quantum (15 treatments over 5 weeks)