glycolic peels

glycolic peels

Glycolic peels are suitable for any skin type and will enhance the results of your home care regime.

Clients wishing to have a glycolic peel must prepare their skin for at least 2 weeks prior to their peel with the recommended home care products.

Glycolic acid very gently allows the dead skin cells which accumulate on the surface of the skin, and in the pores and hair follicles, to be naturally shed leaving the skin soft and radiant. Over time blemishes disappear, the complexion has a more even tone and lines and wrinkles are reduced.

copy-bulletglycolic peel30 mins£41.70
copy-bulletadvanced glycolic peel30 mins£48.30

Once your skin is used to the glycolic peels we can boost the peel to have more targeted results – eg anti-ageing / sun damage or blemishes / acne.

A course of 6 treatments are recommended for maximum results. Depending on your needs and concerns these will be a mixture of glycolic and advanced glycolic treatments.

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